Final Report (PDF)

Project TitleResidual Compressive Strength of Partially Confined Concrete Column Retrofitted Using CFRP Wrap
UniversityMorgan State University
Principal Investigator(s)Kadir Aslan and Mehdi Shokouhian
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)Federal Funds — $103,090
MSU Match — $108,487
Total Project Cost$211,577
Start and End Dates03/25/2019 — 03/25/2020
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe purpose of the present research is to study the residual strength of a concrete columns by using CFRP as a confinement reinforcement. This study will be broken into the experimental study, numerical analysis, verification and discussion, and conclusion sections. The experimental study section will discuss the materials used, how the specimens are created, the instrumentation set up for the testing and an overview of the captured results. The numerical analysis will explain the model and its purpose, all assumptions used for the modeling, and a breakdown of the theoretical results. The verification aims to correlate the experimental study and numerical analysis as a way to validate results from both sections and shed insight on any potential irregularities.
Management Plan (TAMP).