Project #TitleStatusStart/End Dates
CIAM-UTC-REG15Decision Support Tools for Multi-objective, Multi-asset, Multi-modal Joint Maintenance ProgrammingIP
CIAM-UTC-REG16Durability Assessment of Externally Bonded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composite Repairs in BridgeIP
CIAM-UTC-REG17Extending the Service Life of Rigid Pavement Joints with Self-Healing SealantsIP
CIAM-UTC-REG18Passive Strain Sensing Based on Changes in Retro ReflectivityIP
CIAM-UTC-REG19Price Discovery for Strategic Compensation of Toll Road Operators to Relieve State Maintenance ImpactsIP
CIAM-UTC-REG20Smart Mobile Platform for Model Updating and Life Cycle Assessment of BridgesIP
CIAM-UTC-REG21AI-Enabled Fiscally Constrained Life-Cycle Asset Management for Infrastructure SystemsIP
CIAM-UTC-REG22Artificial Intelligence for Advance Landslide Warning along Railroad Tracks in Pennsylvania and DelawareIP
CIAM-UTC-REG24Developing Equivalence Tools to Control Quality of Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management DataIP
CIAM-UTC-REG25Development of a Turnout Rail Break Warning (TRBW) System Based on Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing (DOFS) TechnologiesIP
CIAM-UTC-REG26Evaluation of IoT-Enabled Pavement Response Monitoring for Transportation System ManagementIP
CIAM-UTC-REG27Integration of Traffic and Structural Health Monitoring on the Varina-Enon Bridge Via Sensor FusionIP
CIAM-UTC-REG28Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Inspection of Tack Coats and Ancillary Highway StructuresIP
CIAM-UTC-REG29Preparing the Next Generation of Undergraduate and Graduate Engineers in Autonomous Robotic System for Damage Detection