Project TitleInfrastructure Subsurface Damage Detection through Video-Based Imperceptible Vibration Measurement
UniversityWest Virginia University
Principal Investigator(s)Fei Dai, PI
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)Federal Share — $79,752
Match — $79,752
Total Project Cost$159,504
Start and End Dates08/18/2020 — 08/17/2020
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe objective of this project is to perform a feasibility study on cost-effective, non- destructive measurement of structural dynamic responses by harvesting the power of a recently established motion magnification technique that is capable of capturing tiny motions of objects in videos (micrometer ~ submillimeter). Such tiny motions, which can hardly be seen by human naked eyes, often occur on members of infrastructures (e.g., bridges and railways) thanks to daily ambient excitations (e.g., vehicle/pedestrian movement, natural air current, and sound), and thereby carry useful information that allows for structural condition assessment. It is widely recognized that the U.S. infrastructures are aging and deteriorating, requiring a wide range of solutions including developing reliable inspection techniques that can provide early warning of damages to prevent premature failure of the infrastructures [1].