Project TitleTime-Based Modeling of Concrete Bridge Deck Deterioration Using Probabilistic Models
UniversityPenn State
Principal Investigator(s)Ilgin Guler, Penn State
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)Penn State
Federal $101,432.00,
Match $101,432.00
Total Project Cost$202,864.00
Start and End Dates3/1/19—2/1/20
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe goal of the proposed research is to develop a robust, self-learning, probabilistic model to predict the service life of concrete bridge decks, and subsequently other infrastructure components. The model will originate from the existing performance data for 22,000 bridge decks in the state of Pennsylvania and will utilize advanced statistical tools, including machine learning systems and Bayesian probabilistic networks. The newly developed tool will allow State Departments of Transportation to A) accurately predict the lifetime of concrete bridge decks and B) establish more efficient and accurate management decisions, resulting in an increased longevity of the Nation’s infrastructure.