Research Team

headshot of man wearing glasses and a suit
Linbing Wang, Virginia Tech Photo: Virginia Tech

PI: Linbing Wang, Virginia Tech

Co-PI: Monty Abbas, Virginia Tech

Co-PI: Fei Dai, West Virginia University

UTC Project Info

Project Description

The objectives of this project can be summarized as follows. Overall, we wish to study IoT connected pavement response sensing systems for infrastructure and traffic information. To do so, we will first complete a review of the state of IoT Sensing and Smart City technologies and their implementation in practice. Upon completion of the review, a unique system design will be synthesized to facilitate efficient, IoT-enabled pavement response monitoring for deployment on public roadway infrastructure. Commercially available systems will also be reviewed, and comparisons will be made between these systems and the system developed with the goal of determining the best system for each of many potential applications. During the comparison cost, user-friendliness, feasibility, and ease of operation and maintenance will be considered, as well as other technical parameters relevant to the systems. Upon completion of review, we plan to develop a prototype system for testing in a variety of scenarios relevant to use in transportation applications. We also plan to deploy one or more commercially available systems and compare their real-world performance to the developed system. Upon completion of testing, we plan to develop a report on the results of this study.