Project TitleOptimization Framework for Infrastructure Management Considering Traffic Safety Costs
UniversityPenn State
Principal Investigator(s)S. Ilgin Guler (PI, Penn State); Rajesh Paleti (co-PI, Penn State); Vikash V. Gayah (co-PI, Penn State)

PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)Federal Share — $96,983
Match — $97,000
Total Project Cost$193,983
Start and End Dates06/01/2020—12/01/2021
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe goal of this project is to develop a multi-objective optimization for IMS that can optimize MR&R decisions while simultaneously considering agency costs, total vehicle operating costs, and costs associated with safety performance. To do so, models that relate safety
3 (e.g., crash outcomes) to the roadway condition (e.g., IRI or overall pavement index) will be developed for Pennsylvania, and then used as input into a newly developed multi-objective optimization framework that utilizes a Markov Decision Process based on linear programming. The results will be compared to the two traditional approaches (an optimization where all costs are converted to dollar values and a bi-objective optimization, both excluding safety performance) to identify how MR&R decisions change when considering their impact on safety. If successful, this project can optimize how DOTs can utilize existing budgets for infrastructure management, as well as potentially expand the budget for MR&R activities.