Research Team

headshot of man wearing a light blue shirt and tie
Fei Dai, West Virginia University
Photo: West Virginia University

PI: Fei Dai, West Virginia University

Co-PI: David Lattanzi, George Mason University

Co-PI: Linbing Wang, Virginia Tech

Co-PI: Matthew Hebdon, Virginia Tech

Co-PI: John Zaniewski, West Virginia University

UTC Project Info

Project Description

This project will investigate the feasibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to accelerate and improve the inspection of tack coats and ancillary structures. The research team will take a data-driven approach: identifying the key assessment needs and data products to support DOT inspection workflows, and to implement these criteria to dictate the development of the necessary algorithms and UAV hardware. The objective of this project is to investigate whether and how UAVs can be applied to enhance the current practice of inspection for tack coats during asphalt pavement renovation and for ancillary highway structures.