Project Title
Bridge Load Rating and Evaluation Using Digital Image Measurements
UniversityUniversity of Delaware
Principal Investigator(s)Monique H. Head
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)University of Delaware
Federal $125,133, Match $125,133

George Mason
Federal $72,634, Match $72,634
Total Project Cost$395,534
Start and End Dates3/1/19—3/1/21
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe objective of the research is to develop and implement a procedure for load rating based on field testing using digital image measurements. Field testing of a bridge is a relatively simple procedure, yet it is still only done on a very, very small fraction of bridges in the U.S. inventory. To properly allocate resources to determine whether a bridge repair, rehabilitation or replacement is needed, the actual load carrying capacity is needed from field testing and not an analytical model alone. We propose having a low-cost, nondestructive and reliable means to conduct field testing for bridge load rating and evaluation using image-based measurements.