Project TitleCondition-based Inspection and Restoration Scheduling of Pavement and Bridge Systems for Improved Post-disaster Infrastructure Systems Recovery
UniversityGeorge Mason
Principal Investigator(s)Elise Miller-Hooks
PI Contact Information
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)George Mason Federal Share $56,945
George Mason Match $60,581
Total Project Cost$117,526
Start and End Dates3/11/19—3/11/21
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe key objectives of this proposed research effort are:

1) Develop techniques to support recovery efforts through joint post-disaster scheduling of inspection and roadway/bridge restoration activities;

2) Create capabilities for exploiting updated, damage condition information received from sensor technologies and designed inspection actions

3) Ensure computational efficiency necessary for large-scale settings with hundreds or thousands of roadway links and bridges

4) Take into consideration the existence and pre-event location of multiple, inspection and repair crews (pavements, bridges and other infrastructures) with stakeholders representing different assets with potentially competing objectives

5) Account for impacts on overall traffic system performance

6) Explicitly recognize effects of downtime from potentially interacting inspection or restoration actions on traffic system performance and accessibility

7) Describe how developed mathematical techniques can be utilized in practice.