Project TitleDevelopment of Low-Cost Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) and Response Spectra Techniques
Phase I of Development of a Cost—Effective Sensing System for Integrated Traffic
and Pavement Response Monitoring in Support of Pavement Management
UniversityVirginia Tech
Principal Investigator(s)Linbing Wang
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)Virginia Tech
Federal $112,225 Match $112,539

West Virginia
Federal $100,005 Match $100, 005
Total Project Cost$424,774
Start and End Dates3/1/19—3/1/21 (extended through 12/1/2021)
Brief Description of Research ProjectWe propose to develop a long-life WIM system with much lower costs using the piezoelectric sensors developed in a former EAR (Exploratory Advanced
Research) project, as explained in the previous section. We will name this system as P-WIM. The P-WIM will essentially consist of several piezoelectric disks sealed in a protective package made from engineering plastics. A wireless transmission module will be included in the package of the P-WIM to enable wireless data transmission. TheP-WIM will be powered by solar panels and supplemented by the energy harvested from pavement deformations and vibrations. If the system is successfully developed, in the planned Phase II, the load response spectrums will be developed for evaluating the pavement responses. This additional capability will be integrated into a comprehensive system to supply asset management systems with unique traffic and pavement response data for better decision-making.