Project TitleSmart Compaction for Infrastructure Materials
UniversityPenn State — Altoona
Principal Investigator(s)Shihui Shen, Hai Huang, Bryan Schlake, and Steve Dillen
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)Federal Share — $113,506
Penn State Altoona Match — $79,121
Total Project Cost$192,627
Start and End Dates06/01/2020—06/01/2022
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe objectives of this project is to explore the compaction mechanisms of particulate infrastructure material from the meso scale, establish the correlation among compactor motion, particle motion and material properties (volumetric properties and engineering properties), and ultimately propose an automatic approach for real-time compaction quality control, i.e., smart compaction. This study will consist of two phases, laboratory scale evaluation and field investigation.
Management Plan (TAMP).