Final Report (PDF)

Technical Brief (PDF)

Project TitlePlanning for the Inevitable: Readying DOTs for Disaster Debris Management
UniversityUniversity of Delaware
Principal Investigator(s)Sue McNeil
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)University of Delaware
Federal $56,585 Match $56,585
Total Project Cost$113,170
Start and End Dates3/1/19—3/1/20
Brief Description of Research ProjectDebris management involves understanding: 1) Regulations versus guidance; 2) Reimbursement policies; 3) The nature of waste streams; 4) Procedures for managing different types of wastes; 5) Possible disposal sites; and 6) Contracting and procurement. The challenges are: 1) What do local agencies need to know? 2) What do local agencies already know? 3) What resources are available? 4) What are best practices?
Our objectives are to: 1) Catalog the activities in each state in Region 3; 2) Identify training needs and develop appropriate training programs; 3) Deliver a pilot training program; 4) Disseminate the information and training materials to LTAP centers.