Project #TitleStatusStart/End Dates
CIAM-COR-R1 Imagine the Future: Exercises on Conceptualizing Infrastructure Systems for an Interconnected WorldIP3/18/19—6/18/19
CIAM-COR-R2Finite element model updating for bridge deformation measurements extracted from remote sensing dataIP3/11/19—3/11/20
CIAM-COR-R3Condition-based Inspection and Restoration Scheduling of Pavement and Bridge Systems for Improved Post-disaster Infrastructure Systems RecoveryIP3/11/19—3/11/21
CIAM-COR-R4CIAMTIS Graduate Fellowship at University of DelawareIP1/1/19—8/31/20
CIAM-COR-R5Design of Anchors for Rapid and Durable Strengthening of Bridges with Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced PolymersIP3/11/19—3/11/21
CIAM-COR-R6CIAMTIS Lehigh Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) ProgramIP3/11/19—10/11/19
CIAM-COR-R7Road Pavement Condition Monitoring by Embedded CrowdsensingIP3/11/19—5/31/20
CIAM-COR-R8Evaluation, Beneficiation, and Implementation of Alternative Concrete Pozzolans for Transportation InfrastructureIP3/11/19—3/11/20
CIAM-COR-R9Evaluation of an Innovative Erosion Control on Road Embankment Using Synthetic Turf with Sand InfillIP3/18/19—3/18/20
CIAM-COR-R10A Novel Trackbed Material for Stiffness Transition in Bridge Approaches and Its Integration in Educational OutreachIP3/11/19—3/11/20
CIAM-COR-R11Integration of Innovative Sensing Technology and Data Analytics in Transportation Asset ManagementIP3/1/19—3/1/2023
CIAM-COR-R12Enhancing Fundamentals of Engineering ProgramIP3/1/19—3/1/20
CIAM-COR-R13Automated Path Tracking and Mapping for Economical, Real-Time, and Knowledge-Based Roller Control in Pavement Compaction Operations: Phase I: Algorithm DevelopmentIP3/1/19—3/1/20
CIAM-COR-R14Calibration of WVDOH IRI-based PSI and SCI EquationsIP5/6/19—5/5/21
CIAM-COR-R15Prioritization of the application of technologies required for intelligent transportation systemsIP5/03/20—11/03/21
CIAM-COR-R16Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Recycled Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Green Bus PadsIP4/30/20—4/30/22
CIAM-COR-R17Residual Compressive Strength of Partially Confined Concrete Column Retrofitted Using CFRP WrapCompleted3/25/19—3/25/20
CIAM-COR-R18Smart Compaction for Infrastructure MaterialsIP6/01/20—6/01/22
CIAM-COR-R19Railroad Engineering Education & OutreachIP6/01/20—6/01/22
CIAM-COR-R20Transportation Infrastructure Readiness for Post-Pandemic Supply Chain Transformation for Greater ResilienceIP6/1/20—6/1/22
CIAM-COR-R21Optimization Framework for Infrastructure Management Considering Traffic Safety CostsIP6/1/20—12/1/21
CIAM-COR-R22CIAMTIS Lehigh Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program — Year 2IP3/4/20—10/31/20
CIAM-COR-R23The Impact of Accessing Public Credit Support on P3sIP1/25/19—5/24/20
CIAM-COR-R24Life Extension of Fatigue-Damaged Highway, Rail, and Transit Bridges: Identifying Actual Crack TipIP8/1/20—7/31/22
CIAM-COR-R25Video-Sensor Data Fusion for Enhanced Structural MonitoringIP9/1/20—8/31/21
CIAM-COR-R26Enhancing Fundamentals of Engineering Program under the COVID-19 SituationIP9/1/20—8/31/21
CIAM-COR-R27Infrastructure Subsurface Damage Detection through Video-Based Imperceptible Vibration MeasurementIP8/18/20—8/17/20
CIAM-COR-R28Use of Machine Learning to Predict Long-Term Skid Resistant of Concrete PavementsIP05/11/20—02/11/21