Project TitleFinite element model updating for bridge deformation measurements extracted from remote sensing data
UniversityGeorge Mason
Principal Investigator(s)David Lattanzi
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)George Mason Federal Share $41,039
George Mason Match $42,000
Total Project Cost$83,039
Start and End Dates3/11/19—3/11/20
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe proposed research has the potential for significant impact on practice and is in direct alignment with the Center's mission for improving integrated asset management for condition assessment of bridges using remote sensing-based measurements. The research performed will address key challenges that engineers face when evaluating the impact of geometric distortions on structural performance. Two practical applications of explicit interest to stakeholders are (1) the quantification of truck collision damage on bridge capacity and (2) quantification of web crippling impacts on bridge bearing capacity [9,10]. More broadly, the anticipated results can aid decision makers on how best to invest infrastructure funds where needed and support quantitative strategies for asset management. This research will leverage technologies that are already in widespread use by managing agencies, and will not require additional and sophisticated equipment, further facilitating the potential for rapid implementation in practice.