Project TitleCalibration of WVDOH IRI-based PSI and SCI Equations
UniversityWest Virginia University
Principal Investigator(s)Yoojung Yoon
PI Contact
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided (by each agency or organization)$47,238 West Virginia Core Funds Year 1
$47,238 West Virginia Match
Total Project Cost$94,476
Start and End Dates5/6/19—5/5/21
Brief Description of Research ProjectThe objective of this research is to calibrate the existing PSI and SCI equations to address the WVDOH’s needs for consistent pavement design and management decisions. The significance of this research is that it will provide a method for refining distress‐related index equations in accordance with the pavement design and management standards of public transportation agencies. As the potential for impacting the state of practice, the calibrated PSI and SCI equations will enable WVDOH to 1) correspond pavement roughness conditions to communicable service indices precisely and avoid the issue of PSI which is mostly the lowest of all other performance measures so dominates the decision‐making process for pavement management (e.g., maintenance, rehabilitation, and reconstruction) and 2) interpret alligator and longitudinal cracking from the newly‐employed cost‐effective data collection method into precise pavement conditions and establish reliable pavement treatment strategies. In particular, it is indeed right time to conduct this research as WVDOH is currently in the process of updating its pavement management system (PMS) for the development of the Transportation Asset
Management Plan (TAMP).