Research Team

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Jovan Tatar, University of Delaware Photo: University of Delaware

PI: Jovan Tatar, University Delaware

Co-PI: Christopher Kloxin, University of Delaware

Co-PI: Alexander S. Brand, Virginia Tech

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Project Description

In the work proposed here, we will synthesize and characterize a range of CAN materials as potential sealants. Specifically, we will use materials that cure as a two-part epoxy resin that are subsequently capable of undergoing an exchange mechanism between polymer strands within the molecular structure of the materials. This type of rearrangement mechanism does not influence the mechanical properties, such as the Young’s modulus, enabling the material to maintain its structural integrity (i.e., ability to stand up to vehicular loading); however, thermal cycling over time promotes the material to heal cracks and other material defects. The starting materials are readily scaled to large applications and can even be bio-sourced to enhance the sustainability of these polymers. Within this chemistry, we will incorporate silicon-based structures to impart flexibility and water resistance. Finally, we will incorporate adhesion promoting silane agents within the monomer formulation for strong concrete-sealant adhesion. Taken together, this material is hypothesized to have excellent mechanical properties with an enhanced service lifetime.