Research Team

PI: Jonathan Gifford, George Mason University

Co-PI: Elise Miller Hooks, George Mason University

Co-PI: Sue McNeil, University of Delaware

UTC Project Info

Project Description

This project will 1) Document how state DOTs currently work with toll road operators, including public/private partnership (P3) concessionaires and public toll authorities, to mitigate the impacts of major maintenance and other planned and unplanned facility outages; 2) Examine whether and how much states could further mitigate the adverse impacts of scheduled major maintenance and unanticipated facility closures by cooperating with the operators of nearby facilities operated by toll road operators; 3) Examine how much states could benefit by designing major maintenance programs that, by using such mitigation measures, allow larger scale and more efficient major maintenance strategies; and 4) Estimate the feasibility and cost of such cooperation to the state DOT and the toll road operators and devise potential strategies to enable such cooperation.