Research Team

headshot of man wearing an orange sweater and tie
Farshad Rajabipour, Penn State

PI: Farshad Rajabipour, Penn State

Co-PI: Shelley M. Stoffels, Penn State

Co-PI: Mansour Solaimanian, Penn State

UTC Project Info

Project Description

With the goal of developing design specifications for durable skid-resistant concrete pavements, this project explores concrete mixture design factors that most significantly impact the retention of skid resistance in concrete pavements. Specifically, the objectives are twofold: 1. To determine how aggregate composition and properties, aggregate blending, aggregate gradation, concrete mixture proportions and properties (e.g., compressive strength), and concrete curing impact the long-term polishing resistant (PR) of concrete pavements; 2. To develop specification limits for the above-mentioned parameters to produce a long term polish-resistant concrete wearing surface while complying with specifications for performance engineered concrete pavements with optimized aggregate gradation.